Crafting Collage Canvas Prints in Bideford, Devon

For tremendous collage canvas prints, turn to our reputable company. Based in Bideford, Devon, Getset works tirelessly to create a number of stunning photo montages.

Create a Handsome Collection

When you commission one of our exquisite montage prints, we’ll keep all of your images on the face of the canvas. Depending on your preferences, the sides may be blurred and merged with the image or mirrored to avoid losing any of the picture. Alternatively, we may produce plain sides in black or white, or expertly wrap your image around the canvas.

A Range of Styles

The montages we produce are immensely popular. With several styles available, you are sure to find a design that matches your taste.

Find Your Size

Thoughtfully produced, these prints make for a spectacular gift for any family member. The most popular sizes and prices are as follows:

Size Price
8" x 12" £20.00
12" x 16" £30.00
14" x 18" £40.00
24" x 16" £50.00
20" x 30" £65.00
18" x 36" £75.00

Accommodating Special Requests 

Should you require a larger canvas, our team will happily cater to your needs. Taking a few extra days to source the required materials, we’ll swiftly work to craft a larger item. For instance, a 40” x 20” canvas is available for £100.

Fixing Up Photos

Want to include a photo on your montage, but feel that it is too faded or damaged? Allow our skilled staff to restore your photo to its former condition for posterity.

Contact us today, in Bideford, Devon, to order attractive collage canvas prints including photo montages.

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